Producer: Carl Lechner Director: Tripp Green Director of Photography: Tripp Green Copywriting: Bernard Friedman Stills: Ryan Carlson Production Design: Shannon Malone Make-up: Ashley Watts Gaffer: Sarah Mize Grip: Tendi Grip: Eric Sullivan Production Assistant: Julia Lechner Editor: Hazel Holmes Talent: Ryan Ladue Special Thanks: Talent One Agency


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A long-time client, Learn on Demand Systems, needed among other projects a video to promote their new product offering, IT Pro Challenges. A series of educational challenges, the product is aimed at those currently working in the IT field and looking to further their knowledge and career.

Millbrook handled the project from concept to deliverable, working with LOD's Head of Marketing on strategy and creative. One of our favorite things about working with LOD is their willingness to take risks creatively. Intended to target 20-40 year olds in the tech industry, we decided to use an aesthetic and theme that would be familiar and resonate - video games. Shot in Raleigh, NC, photography was one part of a larger shoot that included a campaign of videos for another LOD product. All post-production was completed in house.

interview setup on top of the Dillon
Camera operator wearing Barnhill safety vest
Behind the scenes barnhill construction