bissel bark bath commercial video
Bissel - "Bathtime Dreams"
microsoft sales video
Microsoft - "Life of a CMO"
Meals on Wheels Commercial
Meals on Wheels - "Heroes"

What we do

We aren't going to sugar coat it with quirky copy about how we're "fueled by coffee" or "storytellers painting with light." We make awesome videos and incredible photography. That's it. That's the whole pitch. Commercials, interviews, product demos, explainers, training films...if you need a kick-ass video or photo, we can make it.


Who we are

Founded in Raleigh, NC by Carl Lechner and Tripp Green, Millbrook Studios is a video production and commercial photography company with experience shooting for clients of all sizes and projects of all types.

We don't make point-and-shoot, "good enough" videos. We treat every project like it's going to be at the top of our portfolio, no matter the size.