Producer: Carl Lechner
Director: Tripp Green
Director of Photography: Tripp Green
Copywriting: Bernard Friedman
Production Design: Shannon Malone
Make-up: Ashley Watts
Gaffer: Sarah Mize
1st AC: Gray McClamrock
1st AC: Walker Anderson
Grip: Pat Lincoln
Grip: Eric Sullivan
Production Assistant: Julia Lechner
Editor: Hazel Holmes
Talent: Cary Cornette
Special Thanks: Talent One Agency


Product Demonstrations

Working with Elements Studio and Sales Factory, Millbrook helped to shoot and post a demonstration and educational video for GE's Caulk and Sealant line to be shown at trade events and store displays. On a tight deadline, we worked with Elements to put together a shoot on location in Raleigh. The video features a myriad of products and use cases, so attention to detail was an important aspect of the production, and we worked along side representatives from Sales Factory and GE to insure proper product use and demonstrations.
Behind the scenes own your golf game
Behind the scenes own your golf game
Behind the scenes own your golf game