Agency: LMB Marketing
Producer: Carl Lechner
Director: Tripp Green
Director of Photography: Tripp Green
Copywriting: Bernard Friedman
Concept: Will Blanton & Tripp Green
Production Design: Shannon Malone
MUA: Deidre Mattingly
Gaffer: Dave Bennet
Grip: Cameron
Editor: Carl Lechner & Tripp Green
Talent: Greg Fishel

BLANTON'S - Broadcast Commercial

"Where's Greg?"

Following a long hiatus from broadcasting the weather with WRAL in Raleigh, Greg Fishel planned to make his return to TV as the spokesperson for Blanton's. We were tasked with creating a creative, memorable commercial to re-introduce Greg to market and create a buzz among locals who know Greg from his newscasting career.

In discussions about the concept, the idea of a castaway parody came up and evolved into a broader, "Where's Greg?" script that had the potential to be a campaign across various media.

Greg Fishel in makeup
Greg Fishel on greenscreen
On the set of Blanton's video shoot