Producer: Carl Lechner
Director: Tripp Green
Director of Photography: Tripp Green
Strategy: Matt Zothner
Copywriting: Bernard Friedman & Matt Zothner
Gaffer: Ryan Pham
Grip: Dave Bennet
Production Assistant: Julia Lechner
Editor: Sarah Holmes

Alcove - "What Makes a Home"

Technology Product Explainer Video

Alcove is an exciting technology startup in Durham, NC, that provides a platform to connect property owners and managers with potential tenants, and tenants with possible roommates. We were asked to create a video explaining their product to property managers, while retaining the brand's personal tone. Knowing that the video would have to build trust in the audience that Alcove could handle valuable property and complex legal arrangements, we set out to acheive a high-end look that conveyed their professionalism while keeping in mind the budget limitations of a start-up. The resulting concept allowed us to create a modern, clean look that is elevated by visual effects and motion graphics without breaking the bank.