Client: Restor3d
Producer: Carl Lechner
Director: Tripp Green
Cinematographer: Tripp Green
Gaffer: Dave Bennett
Editor: Carl Lechner


Interview and B-roll

Restor3d is a cutting-edge medical implant start-up in Durham, NC that 3D prints osteo-integrative devices. Millbrook helped produce a company overview video along with topic-specific cutdowns for various social media channels. We also provide Restor3d with their unique product photography, which helps set apart their product in a sea of mundane medical product photos. Filming took place over several days both on location at the company headquarters and in Millbrook's video production studio in Raleigh.

The most difficult aspect of producing for Restor3d is the minuscule size of the majority of their products. With products that are less than an inch across, we've become adept at producing macro video and photography that highlights their proprietary "porous architecture", the tiny texture that gives the device its integrative properties. Building off the artistic, black and white aesthetic we created for the company's photos, we shot the interviews for the video on a black backdrop on location in the Resto3d offices. We also captured a print from beginning to end, utilizing a myriad of techniques including time-lapse, waterproof cameras and go pros, and macro lenses.