Client: Oransi
Producer: Carl Lechner
Director: Tripp Green
Cinematographer: Tripp Green
Production Design: Shannon Malone
Gaffer: Matt Hedt
PA: Cameron Nemeth
MUA: Deidre Mattingly
Editor: Carl Lechner
Talent: Shannon Malone
Special Thanks: Talent One Agency



As part of Oransi's launch for the new Mod Jr air purifier, Millbrook produced a high-energy advertisement intended to connect with young, on-the-go professionals and moms. Instead of producing the typical tech and features-focused air purifier commercials, we wanted to create an ad that illustrated how the product enables a high-performance lifestyle through healthier air. Conceptually, the ad is driven by the Mod Jr's touch dial, which is used to connect the Mod's settings to the intensity of the hero's activity.

This ad covers a broad range of settings and tones, which we aimed to differentiate through on-set choices as well as in post. For the workout scenes, we wanted to capture the high-end "Peloton" ad feel that audiences associate with luxury products. High shutter speeds coupled with lots of Easy-Rig coverage let us amp up the energy, and create a contrast with the pace and mood of the surrounding family vignettes.