Producer: Carl Lechner
Director: Tripp Green
Director of Photography: Tripp Green
Editor: Sarah Holmes


"When I Grow Up"

The Lacy Foundation raises funds every year to help with hiring of additional teachers and assistants at Lacy Middle School in Raleigh. These teachers enrich the lives of their students through classes like Spanish, and programs for children needing extra help with reading.
We were tasked with creating an entertaining and authentic video that compelled community members to donate to the cause, while working on a limited budget. Fortunately, we recently moved into a brand new studio space that allowed us to up the production value at little cost. After interviewing many students and teachers using a telepromter syle interview mirror, we cut the ad, but felt it still needed a little something extra.

That's where our post team came in to hand-draw custom animations for each child respresenting their dream jobs. In the end, the video was huge success, and provided an entertaining alternative to the typical interview and b-roll that non-profits so often have to rely on.