Agency: Zoopa
Client: Bissel
Producer: Carl Lechner
Director: Tripp Green
Cinematographer: Tripp Green
Copywriting: Bernard Friedman
Production Design: Shannon Malone
Gaffer: Julia Lechner
Editor: Carl Lechner
Talent: Shannon Malone
Special Thanks: Talent One Agency



Working through online content crowdsourcer Zoopa, Millbrook had the opportunity to create a video for Bissel's newest version of the Barkbath, a compact and quiet dog grooming device. Working off a general creative brief, Millbrook produced "Bathtime Dreams" from concept to delivery, handling copyrighting, production, and post-production on an extremely tight timeline of just 3 days.

Centered around the product as the hero, the spot is targeted at dog moms everywhere, striking a balance between concept and information, and of course featuring several dirty doggies. Working with animals is always a challenge, but with creative shot selection, patient handlers, and use of slow-motion to extend the length of usable shots, we managed to get beautiful footage using our first-time "actors".